Find opportunities to serve for a summer, semester and beyond.

Link Teams

Summer (5-8 weeks)

Link Teams provide those going overseas with opportunities to be relational links between Christ and students of universities all over the world.

Go prepared

OneLink Training will challenge you to grow spiritually while also using simulations to equip you practically for international travel and cross–cultural ministry.

Go with a team

Teamwork is at the core of what we do. Live and serve alongside your peers.

Go where God is at work

Work and live alongside long-term overseas partners on the field. Be part of their team, strategy and family.

Global Internships

Summer/Semester (2-6 months)

Join Kingdom-minded men and women who are passionate about using their vocational skills to bring God glory in the world. Internships are designed to challenge you with purposeful projects, opportunities to develop professional skills, and experiences to stretch you relationally.

Be intentionally chosen and placed

We work with a network of outstanding partners around the world to place students in internships that provide mentoring and meaningful work opportunities.

Be trained and mentored

Interns participate in an extensive preparation and orientation process before they leave for their internship. We’ll connect you to like-minded cross-cultural leaders who will mentor you in effectively and holistically integrating your work and values.

Experience multiple aspects of your intended profession

You’ll gain valuable experience to start your professional life. Interns gain confidence and have a practical opportunity to explore their intended career path in a cross-cultural environment.

Project Timeline*

*Please contact a partnering local ministry or the OneLink Office for specific dates.

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    Click the link above to begin the application process. As a part of the applications process you will need:

    1. References
    2. Someone at your church or campus ministry to interview you.
    3. Recent photo
    4. Pay a $25 application fee.

    The OneLink team and the Campus partner organizing the project will review your application, and determine your readiness for the project.

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    Winter/Spring Semester


    You will work with your church or campus ministry to build a support team to help fund your participation in the project.


    We provide an extensive training and logistic process throughout the winter/spring semester. Our online OneLink University meetings will begin the training process for your team, which culminates with attending our Orientation Week.

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    You will gain personal and cultural insight, building relationships with the project Host and those they live among.


    You will do meaningful work, gaining skills and experience while carrying out a local field strategy to see many come to know Christ.

  4. 4


    Late Summer/Fall


    We will work with you to review your work and its impact. We will identity strengths and areas for growth, and reflect on what God did and how to continue to cultivate a missional heart.


    We provide support and materials to help you acclimate to life back home.

Global Internships

Below are some of our established internship options. If you are interested in an internship not found on this list, please contact our office to see if arrangements can be made.

Link Teams

The projects below provide a general idea of what it is like to serve on a Link Team. If you are connected to a partnering ministry, talk to your leadership about where you will serve this summer. If you are not connected to a partnering ministry, contact our office for project options.

Campus Partners

Find a OneLink campus ministry partner at a university near you.

Apply for a 2023 Project

Click the link below to find out more about requirements and deadlines.