ESL Teaching Internship

Central Asia

Project Details

Interns will have the opportunity to teach English at a local university or through another avenue in a part of the world were very few people have ever heard the Good News. Teaching will provide the opportunity to connect with students and build relationships with local people.

Please be aware this is a conservative Muslim environment. People are very hospitable and welcoming, but cultural awareness and adaptability will be essential. Interns will work closely with other like-minded teachers to learn teaching strategies and cross-cultural ministry skills.


  • Sophomore or above
  • Completed two years at university prior to internship
  • Male (due to location culture)

Must exemplify high standard of values and morals in all areas of life. Interns must have high initiative and be “self-starters.” They will need to be willing to go out into the culture and develop relationships with little guidance or direction from supervisors. It is preferred that the applicant have experience teaching in front of groups. Interns are not required to have completed coursework in the preferred majors, but a general understanding and past experience in at least some of these fields are required.